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[news]: Latest Sonic Game (and TV Show) Revealed

Everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog is getting a face lift this year in the form of Sonic Boom, the latest animated series, video game, and toy line to feature Sonic and his crew. The gameplay from the trailer above seems to be reminiscent of the Sonic Heroes game from 2004. Unless the other characters are part of a co-op mode, expect to see a lot of teamwork based play here. The redesigns for Sonic, Tails, and Amy aren’t that much of a difference, but it’s Knuckles that I’m trying to get used to. This is definitely a different take on his look. The beefed up echidna definitely fits his attitude more than his scrawny body we currently know. I just really have to see more of it before I can truly judge how I feel about it. You can also check out the trailer for the TV series below.

No release date has been set for Sonic Boom as of yet, but you can look for the game on Wii U and 3DS. They will be serving as a prequel to the show, which will be broadcast on Cartoon Network. What are your thoughts about this updated look?

[trailer]: Alien: Isolation 5 Things You NEED to Know

Aside from everything we touched on earlier, here’s a quick recap with the developers on everything you need to know about Alien: Isolation

[news]: Alien: Isolation is Going to Scare the S— Out of You

Though we’ve technically known about it for months, Sega and The Creative Assembly (the team behind the Total War series) have finally lifted the veil off Alien: Isolation, a new FPS-survival horror game for PS4, Xbox One, and their respective current gen counterparts. After the absolute failure of Aliens: Colonial Marines, Creative Assembly has quite a lot riding on this title to bring this franchise back into good standings. The first thing you’ll notice when looking at the title for Isolation is that this is an “Alien” title, not “Aliens”. Continue reading

[preview]: Sonic Lost Worlds

Coming exclusively to Wii U and 3DS, two new games to the Sonic series. Sonic Lost Worlds features gameplay elements from past Sonic games, namely Sonic Colors, and adds its own innovations to the mix. Continue reading

[news]: Capcom/NamcoBandai/Sega Crossover ‘Project X Zone’ is Coming to America!

Project X Zone will be coming stateside to the Nintendo 3DS on June 25th for $39.99. As an added bonus, the initial batch of games will be a “limited edition” including a mini art book, poster, and official soundtrack CD at no extra charge.

[gameplay]: Crazy Taxi iOS Playthrough

[screenshot(s)]: Crazy Taxi iOS

[note(s)]: Crazy Taxi

ATTENTION iPHONE/iPAD OWNERS: Stop what you’re doing and download Crazy Taxi NOW!

[(first) impression(s)]: Jet Set Radio (HD)

Just two days after the 13th anniversary of the North American Dreamcast launch (9/9/99), PlayStation Plus subscribers get first dibs on the HD rerelease of Jet Set Radio. I renewed my subscription specifically for this day. Jet Set Radio is quite possibly my most looked forward to game yet this year. I can’t begin to explain the amount of excitement surging through me right now. As soon as this firmware update is over, it’s fucking on!
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[note(s)]: Jet Set Radio

It’s official! Jet Set Radio is now up on the PlayStation Store for all PlayStation Plus members. $8.99

[news]: Sega brings Jet Set Radio HD to iOS and Android devices this Summer

So not only is one of my favorite games of all time coming to 360, PS3 AND Vita, but also iOS and Android platforms. I will certainly be painting the town all over town this Summer.

On another note, it’s amazing to see that our mobile and tablet devices are now to the point that they can successfully run titles such as Jet Set Radio. Obviously we’ve seen the likes of GTA III and Infinity Blade run beautifully on these devices, but I still can’t help it to be surprised at first when I get my hands on them for the first time. It really is amazing.

Now this leaves the question: When will we be seeing some Power Stone love from Capcom?

[news]: NiGHTS: Into Dreams HD coming this Fall

So remember a while back when Sega posted a teaser image of “Stick Canyon” (a level from NiGHTS) on their Facebook page? You may not, but they did. Anyway, the teaser image had to have meant something was in the works for the 1996 Saturn title. They had announced they were planning on doing HD re-releases of Dreamcast titles such as Jet Set Radio, so could it be one of those? Was it a new level for the upcoming Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed? Who knew? Continue reading

[trailer]: The House of the Dead 4 Announcement Trailer

[trailer]: Our First Look @ ‘Jet Set Radio HD’

Following up on last week’s announcement trailer; Sega has been so gracious to me all of us and released our first glimpse at the upcoming Jet Set Radio HD. Aside from the obvious upgrade in resolution, it also looks like the game has been given the widescreen treatment as well, and not just a simple image stretching. I can’t wait to see more of this game in action as we get closer to its Summer release date. Continue reading

[news]: ‘Seaman’ Splashing Onto 3DS (not what you’re thinking)

I just feel love this week with the Dreamcast announcements. Alongside the Jet Grind Radio this week, it’s also been let out the awkward pet-sim Seaman will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. No release date has been announced, but I’m definitely making room for this in my collection. Continue reading

[news]: Game Gear games Coming to 3DS eShop

When the 3DS eShop launched, gamers were promised titles from companies other than Nintendo. Almost one year after the handheld’s release, however, no third-party titles have been seen.

Until now.

Two Game Gear titles — Shinobi and Sonic Triple Trouble — have been rated by the ESRB for the 3DS Virtual Console. No word on release date yet. Continue reading

[trailer]: Sega Shows Off Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Softer Side With ‘Contact’ Trailer

Aliens: Colonial Marines goes for the, nowadays, inevitable ‘hipster’ trailer route setting intense slow motion footage to the music of Clint Mansell. The song may sound familiar to those of you who’ve seen the 2010 Sam Rockwell flick, Moon (a movie I personally recommend). I can still never get enough of these styled trailers, it’s great to see the games put in this alternate view. Continue reading

[trailer]: The House of the Dead 3 Announcement Trailer

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[trailer]: Sonic CD Launch Trailer

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Sonic Generations

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Sonic Generations

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The House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut

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[trailer]: Aliens: Colonial Marines e3 2011 Gameplay Demo Walkthrough

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[trailer]: Aliens: Colonial Marines Debut Trailer

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[trailer]: Aliens: Colonial Marines e3 2011 Teaser

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Dreamcast Collection

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