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[note(s)]: Hitman

IO Interactive announced they are hard at work on a next-gen title in the Hitman series. In an open letter to fans released this morning, the developer apologized for everything wrong in Hitman: Absolution and stated they will be returning to a more open-ended sandbox style gameplay.

Hitman: Absolution introduces Contracts Mode

Tag your own targets and set your own parameters in Contracts mode.

“So, we’ve basically sat down, looked at how players took the end game of a Hitman experience and crafted new missions based on the old ones and then we built the tools to let them do this in a formalized, organized and rewarding way.”

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Hitman Absolution ‘Attack of the Saints’ Trailer

[trailer]: Hitman Absolution A Personal Contract Trailer

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[trailer]: Hitman Absolution e3 2011 Trailer

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